Soft Shino Stoneware Medium Pouring Bowl


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Hand-thrown medium pouring bowl in rich reduction fired clay speckled with iron black sand from my local beach Whaingaroa (Raglan). They are manually fired to 1300 degrees, and are glazed in my own handmade Shino glaze.

In contrast to the modern shape, this vessel has been glazed in one of the worlds oldest styles of glaze called Shino. This family of glazes comes from Japan and was developed between 1568 and 1600, before making it’s way to America in the 1930’s and 40’s where a few more ingredients were added to make the glaze more similar to the one I’ve used in these vessels. Shino glazes can vary in colour from white to red-orange, and can exhibit some classic features known as crawling where it almost appears as though the glaze has scars.

This bowl is the ultimate in Wabi-Sabi aesthetic. Endless possibilities and no two the exact same, variation can range from the flames in the gas kiln licking the vessel in certain ways to change the glaze and clay colour to big freckled iron spots, making each piece as unique as it’s owner.

Size is approximately 10.5cms height x 15cms diameter.

Volume is approximately 25oz 750mls.

Dishwasher and food safe.


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