Rustic Cream – Essential Oil Diffuser


This two part essential oil diffuser (sometimes called an oil burner) has a lovely deep dish allow for hours of diffusion – simply add a few drops of the oil of your choice, or you can create a customised blend with 2-3 different oils and fill the tray with water. Light your tealight and away you go.

Different oils can bring different qualities to your body and energy.

  • Lavender: calming and ideal before sleep
  • Sweet Orange: uplifting and energising
  • Eucalyptus: great for clearing the airways during the cough and cold season
  • Cedarwood: grounding and relaxing, a good choice for anxiety/nervous tension


If after a few uses you wish to clean the diffusion tray you can either hand-wash it, or just pop it in the dishwasher!

This stoneware diffuser is approximately 12cms high and 9cms diameter.



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