Smoke cleansing is a practice that has been documented as far back as 6000 years, and occurs in almost every culture over the globe. It is an ancient ritual in some of those cultures to burn different plants to cleanse/purify/protect people or spaces.


These organic wild-harvested cleansing bundles have been crafted with the intention of providing love, healing, purification and protection.


Salvia officinalis*+ Sage offers many different properties in ritual, most commonly used for purification. Sage also provides wisdom, and manifestation.  


Lavandula dentata*+ Lavender brings happiness and peace. It has been used in ritual for protection and love – and has a delightful calming scent when burned.


Achillea millefolium*+ Yarrow is a very ancient herb, found in Neanderthal burial sites. Powerful in divination of love and lasting friendship. Yarrow is used in rituals for healing old wounds, protection, love, and creative purpose. 


Kunzea ericoides*+ Kānuka is a regenerative shrub – one of the first to recolonise an area after fire. It is included to assist in love – particularly after part of you has been razed. Kānuka is gentle and kind, she regenerates love and heals a raw spirit.


Hand-crafted using fair-trade undyed pure Hemp twine to ensure that no nasty chemicals or energies enter your space. 







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