Textured Woodfired Vase


Handcrafted on the potters wheel in a clay with speckles of black sand from Raglan beach hand wedged into the clay. Soda glazed to give a unique texture on the outside interacting with the texture from the throwing lines.

This vase is perfect for holding dried foliage.

Measures 11cm tall and 9cm diameter at the widest point.

Wood fired ceramics are placed in a hand built brick kiln with a fireplace of sorts at one end. The door where you place them inside is sealed up, and then you begin the firing. Often loading the kiln takes a whole day due to many little processes that need to be done in order to ensure a successful firing.

The next day usually calls for an early start as you work in shifts to stoke the fire hotter and hotter until it reaches over 1300°C. This usually takes around 10-12 hours.

When the kiln cools down two days later you are able the break the seal on the door and start the process of unloading and seeing how kind the kiln gods were to you, before cleaning and grinding your pieces.

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