MABON – Perfume Oil


This perfume oil has been inspired by the Autumn Equinox, also known as Mabon. 


It is reminiscent of warm summer days and flowers, no longer smelling fresh and lively but as if they have been dried, now with a mellowed and comforting fragrance. 


Mabon is a time for balance, blessings, abundance, rebirth, reflection and planning. As the darkness of Autumn and Winter come upon us, Mabon is connected to the dark mother archetype, and this scented oil provides a warm embrace when working with your shadow self.


A blend of warming lightly spiced Peru Balsam gives way to the coming season and provides comfort and calm. Bergamot soothes the nervous system and anxiety by clearing negativity. German Chamomile assists with restlessness helping you to ease into the coming darkness and Ylang Ylang opens the heart and brings forth your femininity.


10ml Roller

Ingredients: Safflower oil+, Jojoba oil, CO2 extracted Vanilla, Dried German Chamomile Flowers*+, Essential Oil Blend.




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