9ct Gold Crescent Moon Amulet


Handcrafted on the potters wheel in a cream speckled stoneware clay. Glazed in a clear glaze, and then hand-painted with 9ct gold luster detailing a crescent moon with hanging stars and droplets.

This amulet can be worn around the neck by the recycled leather strap (offcuts from the upholstery industry), or hung/placed in your home or altar as a symbol of feminine energy.

The amulet has a snug fitting cork stopper enabling it to hold up to 60mls of liquid or dried herbs, intentions, medicine – whatever your heart desires. The backside features a hand-painted gold all-seeing eye, to look into your heart space when worn and make true your intentions and manifestations.

Measuring approx 7.5cm including the stopper. The leather strap measures 37cms when tied on.



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