.03 HYDROLAT – Eucalyptus


Hydrolat – coming from French hydro (water) ~ lait (milk)


This hydro-distilled Eucalyptus solution is complete, meaning no essential oils have been removed and instead they remain in the suspension giving it a milky appearance. This method of distillation makes for a slower and cooler but more complete result as all of the potent therapeutic values of the volatile essential oils, as well as the water soluble cellular constituents remain in the water. 


This distillation was made on the Autumn Equinox or Mabon, the second Harvest festival in the Wheel of the Year and the signifier of change and the coming darkness of Winter. This hydrolat has a strong cleansing aroma which opens up the airways, and brings clarity of mind. 


Eucalyptus is anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, cooling and energizing and as such has a wide variety of uses in the home as well as on the body. 


IN THE HOME: This Hydrolat can be used to purify the air and offer a fresh stimulating energy. Ideal for use in high use areas of the home like the kitchen and living areas. 


FOR THE BODY: Cooling and soothing this hydrolat is effective for clearing the airways, while being gentle enough that it can safely be used on children. This hydrolat can be spritzed on the chest or back for natural relief from sinus and chest congestion as well as stiff or tight muscles due to its anti-inflammatory properties. As this is a distilled water solution there is no oily residue left on the skin like those caused by balms. 


Ingredients: 100% pure hydro-distilled Eucalyptus cinerea*+







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