.02 HYDROLAT – Lavender


Hydrolat – coming from French hydro (water) ~ lait (milk)


This hydro-distilled French Lavender solution is complete, meaning no essential oils have been removed and instead they remain in the suspension giving it a milky appearance. This method of distillation makes for a slower and cooler but more complete result as all of the potent therapeutic values of the volatile essential oils, as well as the water soluble cellular constituents remain in the water. 


This distillation was made on the New Moon before the Autumn Equinox or Mabon. This hydrolat has a gentle aroma, smelling medicinal, herbaceous, and green. It soothes irritability and anxiety. 


Lavender became popular in the late Middle Ages and has been a staple medicinal herb since. Well known for its relaxing properties, it is also an antidepressant and used to relieve general anxiety and headaches. This hydrolat can be carried with you or kept nearby and spritzed whenever needed. Lavender also has strong antiseptic properties which assist to heal burns, wounds and sores.


Application: Apply to the skin of the face or body by spritzing or with a clean natural fibre pad. Can be kept in your bag to calm and relax during times of stress or anxiety, offering you a moment of relaxation and grounding. Spritzed on the face it can be an effective toner for inflamed skin as part of your evening skin routine. It can also be used as a room spray before bedtime to assist with a restful sleep.


Ingredients: 100% pure hydro-distilled Lavandula dentata*+






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