.01 HYDROLAT – Rosemary


Hydrolat – coming from French hydro (water) ~ lait (milk)


This hydro-distilled Rosemary solution is complete, meaning no essential oils have been removed and instead they remain in the suspension giving it a milky appearance. This method of distillation makes for a slower and cooler but more complete result as all of the potent therapeutic values of the volatile essential oils, as well as the water soluble cellular constituents remain in the water. 


This distillation was made on the first New Moon after the midsummer harvest celebration, Lughnasadh. This hydrolat has a very potent aroma, smelling sweet yet earthy, herbaceous, and like freshly felled trees. It brings mental clarity and focus, and is a good study companion to keep fatigue at bay. 


For centuries Rosemary has been known for its circulatory stimulating properties, particularly in relation to hair growth on the scalp. It balances oils, making it a perfect face and scalp toner especially for those who suffer with oily skin. The increase in circulation helps cell regeneration which works to brighten complexion, and the antibacterial properties assist to heal and prevent spots without drying your skin.


Application: Apply to your skin or scalp by spritzing or with a clean natural fibre pad. Can be kept in your bag to cool and refresh on hot days, offering you a moment of clarity and grounding. It can also be used as a room spray to bring alertness and clear thinking.


Ingredients: 100% pure hydro-distilled Rosmarinus officinalis*+





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